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CBP/ HAS Badge


CBP /HAS Badges

There has been a lot of information passed out related to the process and the slower than hoped for results obtaining the CBP endorsement and obtaining a re-newel of the HAS badge.


1)      Local CAL does not control the CBP process, their office hours nor the processing time.

2)      The process has changed dramatically.

3)      You are still NOT allowed to be in the IAHMX operation without the proper CBP clearance. When caught the penalties are very severe and are assessed to the individual and can include monetary fines or the revocation of the badge completely.

4)      The individual is no longer able to take the paperwork to the CBP office and wait for same day service. They will have to drop the paperwork and hold for a call-back from CBP. Currently this may take as much as 14 days and on occasion has taken as much as 21 days.

5)      You are now able to and must start the process for a renewal 35 days prior to the expiration for normal processing.

6)      You are now able to and must start the process for a renewal 45 days prior to expiration if there are issues or dispositions needed.

7)      Request from the ADMINISTRATION group for individuals to begin the process cannot be ignored. These are to HELP the process and should be addressed with the listed EEs on the next available shift. No exception.




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